pixel gun 3D tips and tricks

Pixel Gun 3D Tips and Tricks 2020

Are you looking for Pixel Gun 3D Tips and Ticks to become a top player?

Pixel Gun 3D Tips and Tricks are available in this article, which can help you clear all levels and came out top in every match.

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Pixel Gun 3D Tips and Tricks

1.Purchase Big Weapon to clear levels.

One thing which you should consider, worth investing in is a weapon in Pixel Gun 3D. there is more than 200+ weapon in the game.

Each weapon is unique and has many attributes which you should consider before you are going to purchase it.

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Always, remember, big guns win!

2.Do not neglect protective shields

There are many protective shields that are available in the game, which help you in the time of attack from enemy bullets.

Invest gems and coins and purchase high end, protective shields that can help you stop incoming bullets.

Armor and Shields are mended to be protective items and should be always used in every game to save yourself from enemy bullets.

Try to purchase high end and good protective shields, which can protect you in the head, torso, and legs.

3.Open Lucky Chests

There are many lucky chests which your game will give you when you clear any levels or win any match.

All these lucky chests contain game goodies and coins, which you can use to purchase new items in the game.

Lucky chests may contain coins ranging from 05 to 50, which means you can earn these free coins without doing any task.

4.Collect keys and get goodies

The game will award you with keys whenever you will clear any levels or win any match in the Pixel gun 3D.

Keys are provided in the game to open chests, which will be available to you from time to time.

You need to use these keys and open chest, which contain coins, game items, and other game goodies.

Treat keys as essential items as, you cannot purchase a key in the game, you need to earn keys from completing levels.

5.Keep an eye on Trader Van

Trader Van will appear in the Pixel Gun 3D game from time to time, and it is a very good spot to look for some cool gadgets in the game.

You can check the Trader Van for many rare items and weapons, which you can trade and get it before it is available in your game.

You can choose powerful guns and improved shield in Trader Van and purchase them with gems or coins.

Keep an eye on the Trader Van, as it will only appear for some minimum time, and in that timeframe, you need to purchase your game items.

6.Hit the enemy in the head

Pixel Gun 3D falls undershooting game category, which means you can hit an enemy in the head and eliminates them with less ammunition.

Some of the features of this game play are

  • Aim and hit the enemy in the head to kill them instantly
  • Hitting in the head ensure, less ammunition in one kill
  • You can kill the enemy instantly if you have a good weapon
  • There is no change that enemy will survive after injury in the head
  • Head is the most neglected portion; which players never cover.
  • Use a good and strong weapon to blow up your enemy head

 Final words

So, these are the Pixel Gun 3D Tips and Tricks, which you can employ in 2020 to clear all your levels and come as the top in the leaderboard.


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