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Pixel Gun 3D hack to Claim Free Coins and Gems

Pixel Gun 3D game is developed by “Pixel Gun 3D” gaming company, which is based on First person shooting game. If you want to experience shooting games with block graphics, you can try Pixel Game 3D. It is no#1 game in its category and has more than 50Million installs from its Google Play Store. 

There is two official currency in Pixel Gun 3D game as they are Coins and Gems which can be used to purchase different game items such as a weapon, characters, new skins, pets and many more. If you need free unlimited Pixel Gun Gems and Coins check our online tool.

How to use Pixel Gun 3D online Tool to get free Gems and Coins

Pixel Gun 3D online tool is designed to provide you with free Coins and gems with easy steps. We have implemented AI (artificial Scripts) which can provide Coins and Gems into your game account without human verification. Use these steps to get free coins

  1. Click on the “Pixel Gun 3D” online tool
  2. Put your Pixel Gun 3D game account user-id
  3. Select the Platform you used to play game
  4. Select Number of free Coins you want into your account
  5. Select Number of free Spins you want into your account
  6. Click on the “Get it now” button
  7. Depending on the server load, it will send free coins and gems to your account
  8. This tool works effortlessly on every smartphone device

Features of Pixel Gun 3D unlimited free Coins and Gems tool

There are many features associated with Pixel Gun 3D hack online tool, some of them are as follows

  • It is free for everyone
  • Deploys latest Al (Artificial Intelligence) script
  • It supports all major browser present online
  • Support all Smartphone devices like Android or iOS
  • No download requires to get free gems or coins
  • 100% free from Trojan or virus
  • 100% protection of IP
  • Easy way to get free Coins and gems into your account
  • More than 4789 Happy users till now

Why Pixel Gun 3D game is Famous?

Pixel Gun 3D is an extension of Minecraft and Roblox game with a more polished version of cube game. Pixel Gun 3D has all the ingredients to become famous, some of its features are as follows

  • Cool graphics which can be played in lower-end smartphone
  • You can play Battle Royale, which has 02 Maps with 100 players taking part in one game
  • Play Pixel 3d game with zombie Apocalypse
  • Get more than 11 game modes
    • Deathmatch
    • Arena
    • Co-op survival
    • Campaign
    • Team Fight
    • Capture
    • Raids
    • Mini-games
    • Duel
    • Siege
    • Team strike
  • More than 30+ maps to discover and play one
  • More than 200+ weapon which you can choose to kill your enemy
  • More than 40+ gadgets to stun your enemy like
    • Demon stone
    • Energy shield
    • Robot samurai
    • Jetpack
  • More than 180+ Creative skins to use on your Character.
  • More than 50+ pets to train and use them in the battlefield
  • Crafting module included which can make your weapon and armor more powerful
  • Play online with friends or team members
  • Get Battle Pass and accept new challenges and rewards
  • Every month new events and big bonus
  • Watch video ads and get free game goodies
  • Get one free spin every day to open a lucky chest
  • Use Tournament to check the leaderboard position
  • Get free gems by downloading different apps in the game

Tips and Ticks of Pixel Gun 3D to win every match

If you are not able to break into the leaderboard, then you can use all these tricks to win every battle.

  1. Buy big guns to win the match

You should save your game coins and gems to purchase a new weapon in Pixel Gun 3d, as a game is from shooting category and whoever has big guns wins. Invest money in purchasing new guns rather than upgrading or crafting default guns. New guns will ensure more power and more ammunition, which help in getting top in the match.

  1. Invest in armor and shields

One of the most neglected items in Pixel gun 3D is the armor and shields. You should invest good money and get some heavy armor and shields in the game. Armor and shields ensure that you will not hit by any bullets. Armor is the first line of defense, and you should never underestimate its power. Many times, it happens that enemy players hide and shoot at you, if you are wearing armor or shields, it will save you from the surprise attack.

  1. Keep shooting in the head

If you want to know one Pro tips in Pixel Gun 3D, then it must be shooting in the head of an enemy. Shooting in the head in battlefield ensure that you spend less ammunition and kill instantly any enemy. Shooting in the head of the enemy also ensure, you get more time to react to an enemy spinning near you. Try to shoot in the head of the enemy to win any match.

  1. Check for the Trader van for bargain

There is Trader van in Pixel Gun 3D game which has some of the cool weapons. If you have enough game currency and gems, you can check regularly the trader van for some cool and powerful guns. Traders van also ensure that you need not complete your levels to get more powerful guns.

  1. Fire and Jump mode

Pixel Gun 3D game is a very easy game with very little optimization requires. But if you look in the button for firing and jumping, then you will come to know why it is for Pro players. Use both fire and Jump button simultaneously and kill any enemy easily. Jumping also ensure that the enemy cannot fire on you with bullets. So, use this pro technique to kill any enemy easily.

  1. Collect keys and open chests

There are some hidden items which can be only opened with game keys. These game keys will be available from time to time. You need to collect these keys to unlock a different game chest. So, keep on playing and keep on getting keys which can be used to open a chest.

How to Get free Gems in Pixel Gun 3D?

There are three methods available to get free gems in Pixel Gun 3d game.

  1. Use Pixel Gun 3D hack online tool

You can use this online tool to get unlimited gems for Pixel Gun 3D game. In this, you need to put only the game id of your Pixel Gun 3D game and put how much gems you require in your account. The online tool will start the process and put the desired gems into your game account.

  1. Use the free Gems icon

Tap on the free gem’s icon present in the Pixel Gun 3D dashboard and get gems. In this, you need to install different apps on your smartphone, and the game will award you with desired gems. You need to check how much Gems game is providing for the apps which you are going to install.

  1. Watch Video ads

You can watch Pixel Gun 3D Video ads and get free gems for your account. You can get these game items when you watch video ads

  • Free Spin
  • Free Coins
  • Free Gems


Final words

So, these are the total tips and tricks to get gems and coins in Pixel Gun 3D games. You can also use our Pixel Gun 3D online tool to get unlimited Gems and coins within 3min of your time.